Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet

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We didn’t want to simply follow an old boring design of a standard bifold wallet, so that is why we are introducing a hybrid wallet, combining the features of slimness, creativity, and security.

Introducing...A Hybrid Wallet That Combines Slimness, Creativity & State-of-the-Art Security!

  • Ultimate thin & modern design
  • RFID secured, waterproof & scratch-proof
  • Sleek & light. Fits in pockets of any kind
  • Simple single-hand slide open access
  • Carrying capacity: 4-6 credit cards, bank cards, drivers license, etc.


Are you tired of carrying around a large, bulky wallet? If so, then it's time to make the switch to Minimalist Wallet? It is designed to be significantly thinner & lighter while still holding your IDs, credit cards & cash!

Do you have an idea what can happen if your RFID gets stolen?  Well, in the case of your credit card, it's bound to have its own shopping spree without you knowing! You'll only realize the utter doom brought upon your finances at the end of the month when you bill reaches your mailbox! 

Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet