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180° Magnetic Ring Charging Cable saves you from damaging charging ports of your devices. It supports auto and single-handed plugging with strong magnetic force.

The plug can be smoothly 180° rotated around the ring for convenient charging. You can also charge 2 devices at the same time.

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Items Included:
1x The 180 Degree Magnetic Charging and Data Cable (Naylon Braided – 1 Meter Lenght)
1x Lightning Magnetic Plug (For iPhone/iPad Devices)
1x USB-C Magnetic Plug
1x Micro-USB Magnetic Plug

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Best Solution For A Major Problem
William K. on Apr 08, 2020

The cords seem to be good quality and the lighted end is nice for finding it in the dark. Also very impressed with the packaging for this price point. Makes me feel like they take pride in the product they sell.I am using these in alternative to the original mini usb charging cable for my Razer Nari Ultimate headphones. The headset has a janky usb jack and feels like you are mangling it every time you plug in to it. So I figured with this I could leave the plug in and just attach the cord magnetically. And this works very well.I t has made keeping them charged easier and doesn’t freak me out worrying about wrecking the USB port on my $200 headset every time I plug in.

Great Smart Device
Karol L. on May 20, 2020

This cable set is awesome!The inserts that attach to your devices are super small.I added them to most everything at my desk.With several wireless devices (Gaming Mouse, 2x Gaming Keyboard, Gaming Headset, Cell Phone, 2x Tablets) that each had their own cable, this cleaned up my desk area and USB usage drastically. With the connection now magnetic, there is no more hunting for the port and direction…it is just place cable up to insert and “click” ready to keep working or playing.I just ordered more sets to add to the rest of my gear!Hope they hold up for a long time.

Clicking the "Yes, I Want This Button" will automatically add this product to your order for $19.49 each.