No more cracked cables!

Finally, an amazingly effective way to extend the life of your USB Cable.

No matter if you’re using iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Motorola, Macbook or similar ones.

Get the Authentic B2 Cable Saver now – for less than a buck each, and discover why it’s in the top best Gadgets with more than 400 5-star Reviews!


  • Plugging in your phone to see it no longer recognizes it’s charger?
  • Walking around with a cable that looks like a rabbit snacked on it?
  • Accidentally taking your co-workers or family member’s charger because you all have the same one?
  • Struggling to grasp the small charger head when unplugging your cord?
B2 Cable Saver Protector | Yellow Color

End all of that with B2 Cable Saver! They roll on in seconds and provide Protection, Grip, and Personalization to your charger.


B2 Cable Saver

✅ B2 Cable Saver is available in Seven colours;
✅ Our little Gadget is in the top best Gadgets with more than 400 5-star Reviews;

✅ Fits on iPhone/iPad Lightning Cables, MacBook Charger, Samsung Cables, Motorola Cables and similar ones;
✅ Works well on Both Ends of the USB Cable.

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B2 Cable Saver | Build your own Bundle

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For example – At less than $17, you pay less than the retail price of a new charger and have protection for 10-20 cords, each one guaranteed to extend the life of the charger it’s on. That’s the power of our Super Bundle (15% OFF) – Designed for Sharing with Family and Friends.

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Item Included: 1x B2 Cable Saver | White Color

$0.99 each (before discount)


Item Included: 1x B2 Cable Saver | Black Color

$0.99 each (before discount)


Item Included: 1x B2 Cable Saver | Green Color

$0.99 each (before discount)


Item Included: 1x B2 Cable Saver | Yellow Color

$0.99 each (before discount)


Item Included: 1x B2 Cable Saver | Blue Color

$0.99 each (before discount)


Item Included: 1x B2 Cable Saver | Red Color

$0.99 each (before discount)


Item Included: 1x B2 Cable Saver | Pink Color

$0.99 each (before discount)
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Dewayne B.
Great cord saver!!

We still use them all & my wife really likes them to!! My cord would’ve been split by now if it weren’t for this little gadget! Worth the money!!!

B2 Smile B2 Cable Saver | Build your own Bundle Review
A B2 Smile Customer
Karen B.

These little plastic pieces have done an excellent job of keeping my cords from fraying. They arrived quickly after ordering. I would purchase them again, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who asked.

B2 Smile B2 Cable Saver | Build your own Bundle Review
Ronald M.
Cable saver

.very good Product,well made.

B2 Smile B2 Cable Saver | Build your own Bundle Review
James L.
Definitely needed...

They do help but the top part of the reinforcement attachment can be too narrow to snug up to the connector. However, you can modify it to fit. If you have a lot of regularly used cables throughout your home it is a must.

B2 Smile B2 Cable Saver | Build your own Bundle Review
Arline T.
Useful little item!

Works very well on the power cord for my MacBook Pro. The magnetic end used to bend back and then fall off the computer. Not so often now.

B2 Smile B2 Cable Saver | Build your own Bundle Review


🏆 Made by B2 Smile

B2 Cable Saver was developed by our R&D Team. It’s in the top best Gadgets with more than 380 5-star reviews! (You can view some of the reviews at the end of the page)

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By now, you’ve probably noticed that the cables that come with your phones are always bending, twisting, and fraying their ways into uselessness, forcing you to go out and spend a lot more money than you want just to give your phone a charge. B2 Cable Saver wants to put an end to all of that immediately.

Our B2 Cable Saver Protectors are the ultimate answer in charger sleeves, helping your cables get the support they need on a daily basis to last longer and be more durable.

Buying these chargers at list price will easily run you a lot more than it should. Even if you manage to find knockoffs, used items, or discounts around the web, you’re still going to be paying a lot more for these things than you should be. That’s because you shouldn’t be paying at all! Chargers should last!

To understand your savings better, imagine this scenario:
You don’t buy these cable savers and instead, you buy two new chargers when they break (they will break). You’ve just spent $60. Now imagine that you have to do this multiple times. Now add in the time you spend in the car, the money for gas, and the waiting in line to pay. It adds up quickly.
Instead of all of that, you can buy the TWENTY-PACK of B2 Cord Saver for less than $17. You can effectively protect 10-20 data cables. That’s massive savings. Not only do you save money off of the price of just one charging cable protector, you save tons of money in potential losses down the road. That’s the power of the SUPER PACK!

Get yourself our B2 Cable Saver Protectors for big savings!


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B2 Smile was founded by some young Entrepreneurs that was tired of replacing USB Cables. That’s why we are designed to solve daily issues for buds like you 😉


EDT – Allow us 2-4 weeks to delivery your order – due to our high volume of orders, we are improving our logistics around the world. Great Gadgets are worth the wait, trust us 😉

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