THIRTY-PACK | B2 Cable Saver

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THIRTY-PACK is already listed as a discounted price and free shipping – Colors Included: 5x White + 5x Black + 4x Blue + 4x Yellow + 4x Green + 4x Red + 4x Pink


✅ B2 Smile Cable Saver rolls on in seconds and provides protection, grip and personalization to your charger. It’s in the top best Gadgets with more than 380 5-star reviews! They Fit on all iPhone/iPad Lightning Cables, Most Micro USB’s, Most USB-C Type Chargers and MagSafe Charger.
To understand your savings better, imagine this scenario:
You don’t buy these cable savers and instead, you buy two new chargers when they break (they will break). You’ve just spent $60. Now imagine that you have to do this multiple times. Now add in the time you spend in the car, the money for gas, and the waiting in line to pay. It adds up quickly.

Instead of all of that, you can buy our THIRTY-PACK for less than $23. You can effectively protect 15-30 data cables. That’s massive savings. Not only do you save money off of the price of just one charging cable protector, you save tons of money in potential losses down the road. That’s the power of the dual pack!

How to install
One-STEP Installation: Just wrap the cable protector onto your preferred cable. B2 Cable Saver will wrap around any wire just like a protective sleeve would but with more mobility.

30pcs of B2 Cable Saver (5x White + 5x Black + 4x Blue + 4x Yellow + 4x Green + 4x Red + 4x Pink)

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